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Russia Prepares for a New Offensive in Ukraine
While the world's minds and emotions are distracted with the situation in Gaza, Russia quietly advances in Ukraine
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April 5, 2024 - Audio, 5.11 MIN
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Since the October 7th Terror attack in Israel the world’s attention has shifted from the Ukraine-Russia war to the situation in Gaza. However, the war there is still very much ongoing, with Russia believed to be poised ready to start a new offensive in the coming months.

The situation in Ukraine has changed dramatically over the last 12 months. This time last year Ukraine held the initiative, the world was eagerly awaiting the Ukrainian ‘spring’ offensive. Ukraine had cutting-edge military tech rolling in on a daily basis from the West. Commentators were talking about the soon capture of Tokmak and even the possibility of Ukraine cutting the land bridge between Russia and Crimea, putting Crimea, the jewel of Putin’s crown, within artillery range. Russia was politically unstable; Prigozhin would soon attempt his mutiny march on Moscow.

One year later the situation has turned to the worse in almost every way for Ukraine. Putin’s hold on power is strong, having won reelection with nearly 90% of the vote. Ukraine’s spring counter offensive became a summer offensive and then failed to achieve even the minimum objective to recapturing Tokmak. The military hardware, coming from the West has slowed and, in some cases, stopped, with further support from the United States held up in Congress.  Russia now undisputedly holds the initiative, producing three times the number of shells available to Ukraine, with the Russian economy having moved to a war footing, while the West’s economy is virtually unchanged.

The minds and emotions of the West have lost interest in Ukraine, for the time being at least. Ukraine has become a far-off war, the shock of 2022 has long faded, and the cost of living is on the lips of the people.

With the American election fast approaching the possibility of U.S military support being halted altogether, or pressure being put on Ukraine to come to an agreement with Russia is growing. Time certainly does not appear to be on the side of Ukraine, and with the war in a stalemate, time is king.

Russia has a history of struggling in the early stages of a war, but performing impressive pivots to an unlikely final victory. The Red Army of 1945 was unrecognizable compared to the embarrassment of the 1941 routs at the hands of the Nazis.

Bible prophecy makes clear that by the time of Christ’s return Russia is the dominant leader in Europe. Ezekiel 38 tells us that Rosh (Russia) will become a guard to Gomer and Togarmah (Europe). In the Hebrew, like the English, this can be read as a military protection, or as a guard guarding a prisoner. Either way, we see that Russia will be the dominant military in Europe and will lead Europe against God’s people Israel.

Russia is presented as a strong nation, heading a “great company”, able to be like a “cloud to cover the land”, a nation which Britain and her allies are unable to stand up to accept for a minor condemnation asking if they are going into the land to “take a spoil”.

A humiliating defeat in Ukraine would not rule out a rebuilt Russia being able to take on this role, but it would take time for Russia to rebuilt itself and it’s image. Should Russia come out of this conflict, as it came out of World War II, stronger than it had ever been, it would be well prepared to fill the role that Ezekiel describes it having in the end times.

As the world’s attention drifts from one issue to another, the Bible believer sees that God’s attention does not shift with the wind as does man’s, but God will continue with his plan until it is fulfilled.

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