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Britain & the European Union
Britain's inevitable separation from Europe long expected
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October 30, 2018 - Audio, 9.05 MIN
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Although the British political establishment has sought to weld that country to what is in reality a Roman Catholic dominated Europe, that plan cannot and will not ultimately succeed. Bible prophecy clearly demonstrates that the current battle over so-called 'Brexit' will end with Britain being separated from the European Union. After two world wars that should have brought Britain to her knees (in prayer!) the war continues. Through various booklets and articles in the Bible Magazine over several years we have been saying this repeatedly. That is because the prophetic word through Scripture leaves no room for an alternative.
Other writers have noted this outcome and the documentary evidence for it has been established for at least 200 years. After identifying Britain as the latter day maritime power that would take the lead in restoring the Jews to their ancient land, George Stanley Faber, writing in 1806, says that the maritime power "cannot be leagued in friendly alliance with the confederacy... of the beast, the false prophet, and the king of the Latin or "papal earth" (i.e. Europe).

Another writer who expounded prophecy and saw Britain as being separated from Europe was John Thomas who published his Eureka in 1868. He wrote that:
"Another objection to England being numbered with the ten, is that she is not a country of the Great-Sea world. The ten horns were to ascend out of the Mediterranean upon which Daniel saw the tempest raging. Gaul, Spain, Italy, Illyria, Africa, and Dacia, are political sections of a terrene, whose waters, directly or indirectly, mostly discharge themselves into the Mediterranean. But the British Isles afar off have no relation to it at all. As Origen says in Hom. 6, A.D. 230. 'The Britons are divided from our world.' They are no part of the Sea Monster's interior maritime territory.... No, the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland, was never one of the ten horns."
Twenty Eight years ago (in September of 1990) we published a booklet entitled "Guardians of Israel & Arabia." On page 24 we had a panel with the heading "Britain's Exit from Europe is Inevitable!" We wrote:
"The timing we do not know, but the author of this booklet believes that Bible prophecy requires Britain's ultimate separation from Catholic Europe. On that basis, he has no hesitation in saying that Britain's eventual exit from Europe is a certainty. As to questions concerning how it will happen, and when, we do not know because it has not been revealed in Scripture. But when it does happen it will be yet another sign verifying the remarkable dependability of those prophecies revealed in the Bible.

Again in yet another booklet written in February 1998 and entitled "Cry of the Prophets" we had a panel on page 97 with the heading: "Britain will separate from the European Union." On this occasion we explained:
"On what basis is it claimed that Britain will separate from the E.U.? It is simply this; she cannot be on both sides in the coming conflict foretold by the Prophets -either she must be with the latter-day northern power, allied with Russia and Catholic Europe, or she is to be identified with the southern group of "Sheba, Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish with all the young lions thereof." She cannot be on both sides at the same time.
"Which side will Britain be on? This booklet places before the reader evidence showing that Britain is identified in prophecies that concern those who protest and oppose the aggressive northern power who comes to invade Israel. She cannot protest and oppose herself, she is therefore perforce, not part of the European system when these prophecies are finally fulfilled. For this reason, writers over many years - some over a century ago - have seen Britain as being separated from Europe."
That was written and published 20 years ago! Faber had concluded the same thing over 200 years ago. But it was in June 2016 that Britain voted (51.9%) to leave the European Union but the political establishment did not want the result and they have stalled and questioned that result ever since. The issue is building up to be a very serious crisis for Britain.
It will be difficult for some to see that in all this there is a powerful international system covertly at work in order to achieve control of those levers of power that determine the policy of governments. It was identified by the former British Prime Minister W.E. Gladstone in the 19th Century in a book entitled "Rome and the newest Fashions in Religion" (published in 1875). Gladstone wrote:
"My object has been to produce, if possible, a temper of greater watchfulness... to warn my countrymen against the velvet paw, and smooth and soft exterior of a system which is dangerous to the foundations of civil order, and which any one of us may at any time encounter in his daily path."
He says, "I do not hesitate to say that it is an incentive to general disturbance, a premium upon European wars."
That observation is just as true today and is clearly seen in the Vatican's involvement with the idea of a European States. It was involved in the formation of the European "Common Market" (1953) and in the process leading to the present day European Union. Pope John XXIII called the European Community "the greatest Catholic superstate the world has ever known," and it was the British Catholic member of parliament, Shirley Williams, who in promoting the idea of Britain's membership of Europe said:
"We will be joined to Europe in which the Catholic religion will be the dominant faith and in which the application of the Catholic Social Doctrine will be a major factor in everyday political and economic life."

The fact is that the European Union today is a Roman Catholic club and this is seen when the pope addresses the European Parliament and it is also seen when negotiations are conducted between the Government of Theresa May and the European leaders - who are Catholics of course. This is why the arrangements become awkward when Protestant Northern Ireland becomes involved! As efforts continue to work out an agreement on Brexit it is the Northern Irish Party (the D.U.P.) that holds the balance of power in the Theresa May Government. As events unfold it may well be that Northern Ireland Protestants will save Britain from a Roman Catholic European Beast!

Thanks for joining us again for another Bible in the News, this was Paul Billington with you this week.

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