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From Cyber attacks to Cyprus
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April 15, 2018 - Audio, 9.40 MIN
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An article in the UK’s “Sunday Express ”made the comment: “It is unclear How Russia will respond the US airstrikes in Syria.”

Another paper carried the headline “Braced for Revenge,” and made several suggestions as to how Vladimir Putin might react to the attack on Syria by the USA, Britain and France. It is difficult to see that there will be no face-saving action by Russia - the question is, how far are they prepared to go - and when?

We must suppose that there will be a determined and measured counter and that there will be some priority given to it. It is bound to accelerate Russia’s general preparations as indicated by the words of Ezekiel 38:7,
“Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a GUARD unto them.”

Russia has declared itself to be the guardian of Syria, so there must surely be some action - or preparation for it! That is what we would expect. But considerable preparations have already been made by Russia - especially in the matter of weapons. Our recent issue of the Bible Magazine reporting on Vladimir Putin’s ‘State of the Nation’ speech given in March focussed on Russia’s nuclear weapons which he claimed to be “invincible” and capable of penetrating any of the United States defences.

It has become clear that whatever alliances may exist, the main antagonists are Russia and the US, with Britain being “the closest ally” of the latter. As we have pointed out in the April issue of the Bible Magazine (page 6) the United States has a mission to protect Israel, and as a quotation from John Thomas writing in 1851 says:

“If... no refuge, no asylum for the civilization of the age had been provided, the night of ‘the Dark Ages’ would return, and the world be submerged in barbarism as in feudal times. But this calamity has been provided against by the extension of civilization and its establishment in the New World. All that is worth preservation in arts and science, and in social life, has become naturalized in the United States; so that if Europe with all its appurtenances were to be blotted out tomorrow, the surviving nations would still advance in their career of social improvement. Hence  the mission of the United States is to defend and preserve the civilization of the age from extinction in the transition of the old world from its present state to the Age of the Kingdom of God.  This transition period is a time of sore trouble—the time of God’s judgment upon Europe because of its superstition, blasphemy, and crime” (Herald of the Kingdom, 1851, page 246).

As far as the current stand-off between the US and Russia is concerned, we know that both are nuclear powers and that in the event of all out war there could be no outright winner. So that is not going to happen. So we must expect Russia to take some action to restore her self-esteem. Suggestions in the media have ranged from sanctions, cyber attacks on hospitals, air traffic control and banks. One suggestion has been that a Russian attack on Cyprus where British RAF bases are located could be ordered by Putin.

“Syria Latest” declared the UK Express, “British tourists on Red Alert to flee Cyprus amid World War 3 fears.”

As Christadelphians have said for well over a century—Russia will be at war with Britain. We reproduce a cutting from the 1885 Bible Lampstand (see above). Ezekiel’s prophecy urges Gog to be prepared—and that is what Russia is doing today—“preparing.” Russian warships have been passing through the English Channel for over a year and their activity has been reported on several occasions.

A recent example was reported on December 2nd, 2017 - under the headline: Putin’s game of ‘cat and mouse’ with Britain continues on the water.

“Vladimir Putin’s game of ‘cat and mouse’ with Britain has continued as his nuclear fleet went into UK territorial waters again. 
Quoting from the Bible Magazine Vol. 31 issue # 1, and one headline that read:
“UK cannot deal with a surprise attack by Russia or China.”
“The UK cannot protect itself from a surprise attack from Russia or China, a former defence chief has warned.
“General Sir Richard Barrons, the former head of the Joint Forces Command, said the UK has not properly adapted to changes in warfare since the end of the Cold War and the country needed to have a ‘profoundly important debate’ about its military needs.
“Sir Richard told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme said the UK needed to make a serious investment in its military capabilities and tackle new threats such as cyberattacks.
“He said: ‘Nobody in Government is having the profoundly important debate that we need to have about how the world is changing and how the UK is at greater risk and what we need to do in the future.

“ ‘It’s very straightforward—the risk today and more so in the future is that countries like Russia and China already have capability that could hold the UK homeland at military risk at very short notice. We can’t really deal with that.’”

That is the situation as seen by the military men. It points to a very poor prognosis for Britain’s survival in the coming crisis.

As we prepare this edition of the Bible in the News, London’s Daily Telegraph says: Russia Lauches Cyber war on UK with ‘dirty tricks’ campaign as Boris Johnson warns we must guard against Attacks.”

It is now nearly 20 years ago that John Ramsden wrote the following in the Bible Magazine Vol. 12, # 1,

“... prophecy does however, seem to indicate that the time may not be far away before Russia - whatever its motive for doing so may be - makes its grand strategic move southward, either at the invitation of or through irritation with Turkey, thereby moving onwards to Cyprus.
“And what will be there in Cyprus to greet the Russians when they arrive? Why, the largest most strategically important overseas base of Britain - being part of that latter day power of Tarshish, which itself is part of a confederacy of nations described as the king of the South in Daniel chapter 11.
“Cyprus, then,  far from just being a beautiful tourist island is a potential flash point in the coming struggle between the final kingdom of Men and the Lord Jesus Christ.

“One can only wonder “Who will survive when the God-appointed time comes for the Russian Amalekite to make his descent to the coasts of Chittim?”


We do not know what the immediate future holds of course, but current events are very ominous as we consider these things. It seems quite certain that there is Trouble Ahead for Tarshish-Britain, but we ourselves must be prepared and ready for any eventuality in these stormy times.

We continue to watch, as Jesus commanded, so join us again next week as no doubt, events and prophecy continues to be fulfilled.

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