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The Relationship Between Russia and Iran.
Russia provides missiles to guard Iran, but will Iran fall into her custody?
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January 24, 2007 - Audio, 6.75 MIN
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What if Nazi Germany had developed the atomic bomb? The prospect is unthinkable. Would there be an Israel today? Would there be any Jews today? Hello, this is Dave Billington with the January 24th edition of the Bible in the News. Today, the modern day Haman, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, has threatened on several occasions to wipe Israel of the map, and it is well known that his country is trying to develop nuclear weapons. There are different estimates as to how long it would be until Iran would be able to join the nuclear club, however, this week the Daily Telegraph in the UK had a headline that read: "North Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing." The Telegraph also reported that: "Under the terms of a new understanding between the two countries, the North Koreans have agreed to share all the data and information they received from their successful test last October with Teheran's nuclear scientists." With the help of North Korea Iran could have the bomb much faster. It's crunch time, the sea and the waves are roaring and it is a fearful time in the earth.
There are signs that the United States is preparing for a confrontation with Iran, as reported in Bible in the News last week that the USA has sent another Aircraft Carrier to the Gulf. It is very doubtful that either the United States or Israel want any kind of a conflict with Iran at the moment, they are both up to their eyes with other problems, however they are being forced into a corner.

It was also reported today on the Jerusalem Post website that Iran has received Russian Missiles for air defense. The system purchased by Iran is the Tor-M1, a high-precision missile system designed to destroy aircraft, manned or unmanned, and cruise missiles. Russia is also building the Bushehr reactor in Iran. As Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on Russia for natural gas and oil, Iran is even more dependent for political backing, weapons and defense. In fact, at any moment Russia could pull the plug on Iran's nuclear program. Why don't they? There are probably two answers: simple economics and control. Russia has about 6% of the world's oil reserves while Iran is sitting on about 10%. I'll bet that Russia would like control of that 10%. But what does the Bible say about the relationship between Russia and Iran?

Persia or Iran is mentioned several times in the book of the prophet Daniel. It is symbolized as the chest and arms of silver in the image of the kingdom of men seen by Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2, this corresponds with the symbol of the Bear in Daniel 7 and the Ram in Daniel 8:20 "The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia." The first two symbols show a Persia in the latter day. The massive image in Daniel 2 was to show the king, "what shall be in the latter days" (verse 28) and, it is "broken to pieces together" (verse 35), by the little stone power or kingdom of God. The beasts of Daniel 7 are judged together at the time when the thrones are cast down, the Ancient of Days sits in judgment -- who also gives his saints the authority to judge the nations and they possess the kingdom of God, which is Israel (Daniel 7:9,10,22).

John Thomas commented on these symbols for Persia in the book "Anatolia" or "The Exposition of Daniel" in 1868. He wrote: "... it is worthy of remark, that while the Ram, by which the Persians represented themselves in Daniel's time, is their symbol in relation to the Macedonians under Alexander, the Deity  hath chosen for them the Bear to signify them as an element of the Image in the latter-days. The latter-day symbol then of Persia, is a Bear; and a Bear is at this time her formidable neighbour, and has already taken from her a large portion of her territory. The Russian Bear is destined to supersede her present government as an independent sovereignty, and to grasp Persia between its teeth from near India to Ethiopia, which is to be "at his steps". This is no mere conjecture, but absolutely certain; for Yahweh has declared by Ezekiel that Persia shall be an element of Gog's confederacy..."

Yes, I think Russia would like control of Iran. When we turn to Ezekiel 38 we find Persia in verse 5 with those other fairly easy to identify nations Ethiopia and Libya. They are part of Gog's company and he is a guard to them just the same as the rest of the company with him. The Hebrew word translated guard means custody or guard. So the idea is that Gog has guardianship over his entire company, he is the absolute ruler or autocrat. We usually consider the authority he will have over the European continent, but he will have equal authority of Iran. Today Iran is slipping into Russia's grasp. It just maybe that as military threats and sanctions build against Iran, Russia will volunteer to take control and stabilize the situation -- and all because of a nuclear reactor that Russia so graciously provided.

Does Russia want Iran to have nuclear warheads? Probably not, but it does want control of Iran and God through his prophets has indicated that she will. Come back again next week to

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