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Brexit and the Bible - What Next?
Watch two special talks on this exciting topic
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July 19, 2016 - Audio, 4.14 MIN
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The significance of Brexit is huge from a Bible prophecy perspective. It is a sure sign of the times that we are indeed witnessing the end of the times of the gentiles and that soon the Kingdom of God will be re-established on the earth.

Special Talks

On Thursday 14th of July 2016 the Christadelphians in Nottingham UK held two special talks entitled “Brexit and the Bible - what next?”. 

The talks were given at the University of Nottingham and attracted a larger than usual number of visitors.

  • Talk 1: Britain in Bible prophecy
  • Talk 2: The future of Britain & the coming Kingdom of God

Recordings of the talks can be found by visiting this link:

A poster advertising the special talks.

Brexit and Christadelphians

For over 40 years Britain has been part of the European Economic Community and then the European Union.

However, the Bible indicates that Britain and the mainland European nations will be on different sides of an awful war called the ‘battle of Armageddon’. This, the Bible tells us, will take place just before Jesus Christ will return to the earth to set up God’s Kingdom.

For over 150 years Christadelphians have believed that a political separation of Britain and Europe was inevitable. We were therefore not surprised the people of Britain have voted to ‘Brexit’ and come out of the EU.

The Bible is not an outdated book with nothing to say about events of today: it explains what will happen next in God’s plan for the world and what we can do to have a place in it. These special talks were held to help people understand the Bible better and to discover for themselves its prophecies.

What Next?

A screenshot of the recordings of the talks from
the 'Bible Truth and End Times Prophecies' YouTube channel.

Within the talks we set out to demonstrate the indications that the Biblical Tarshish is a name of ancient Britain. We then look at the implications of this, especially in how the nations are said to be behaving just before Jesus returns to the earth showing that Brexit was something which seemed likely to occur from our understanding of the prophecies.

More importantly though we looked at answering the question; “what next”? Within the talks the following summery points were given to answer this question:

  • The British power to strengthen it’s trade ties with the Gulf
  • The European powers to integrate further and obtain a common political and military will
  • The Russian power to take a lead in European affairs
  • A terrible war to take place entered on Jerusalem
  • Jesus to return and establish God’s Kingdom

So why not watch these talks and consider in more detail the amazing prophecies contained in the Bible.

It is this coming Kingdom we look for as we join with the Lord Jesus Christ when he taught his disciples to pray saying:

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10

This has been Matt Davies joining you.

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