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The Significance of 9-11
Living with the fear of Terrorism.
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May 7, 2011 - Audio, 5.50 MIN
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WIth the death of Bin-Laden, the whole world is remember the events of 9-11. We look back to the Biblical significance of this infamous day as it was remembered in September of 2009.
This year the President of the United States has made the day a day of national service, which is another way of ensuring that the day will not be forgotten. We don't hear so much about it as we have in previous years however. The Chicago Tribune didn't even mention September 11 on their front cover, which is rather striking. September 11 is a day that has shaped our world and therefore a day that must have some significance with regards to Bible prophecy.

As far as watchers of Bible prophecy are concerned, September the 11 has produced some important trends. In Daniel 11 it is clear that at the time of the end there is a king of the north and a king of the south. These titles come from those two parts of Alexander the Great's Greek Empire, to the north and to the south of the land of Israel. The northern section based in the area of Syria and the southern section based in the land of Egypt. These two kings and their ancestors battled each other  for centuries with the land of Israel in between them. The situation is carried forward in Daniel 11 to the "time of the end", when the king of the south will push against the king of the north causing him to come down out of his place with fury. This king of the north is the same as the "king of fierce countenance" mentioned in Daniel 8, who grew out of the head of the Grecian goat and destroyed the sanctuary or temple. This portrayed the Greek roots of the Roman Empire. From this we can expect there to be two empires in the latter days positioned to the north and the south of Israel. Since September the 11th we have seen the United States and its allies become entrenched in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, Iraq and of course all their bases in the region, principally to the south of Israel. The USA has and is cozying up to their allies in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. So far, despite campaign promises, Obama has been able to do little to change the US involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan. We have also seen Russia resurgent and reasserting herself in the Middle East, its main allies being Iran and Syria. Its strong ties with Iran a striking fulfillment of Ezekiel 38.

September the 11th also had a great impact on the United States' relationship with Europe. European foreign policy has taken a much more independent role often going contrary to the USA's wishes. Europe has continued to look eastward in a quest to build a meaningful relationship with Russia. The 11th of September brought the United States and Britain closer together, while driving a wedge between these nations and Europe.

Before September the 11th Israel was facing a surge of brutal terrorism, the destruction of the twin towers and the devastation of that day brought the two countries closer together and made terrorism extremely unpopular. The images flashed on the television screens of Palestinians celebrating the attacks and handing out candies, will be remembered by many people who saw them before they were quickly pulled without explanation and never seen again! It is amazing that many still sympathize with Arab terrorism!

Finally September the 11th has kept the Middle East and Israel at the center of world attention for another 8 years. Jerusalem is a cup of trembling unto all the people round about and a burdensome stone for all people, as the prophet Zechariah said it would be. There will not be true peace in the Middle East until the Prince of Peace comes.

This has been David Billington with you! Thanks for listening and come back next week God Willing to

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