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Uncovering the Truth in Jerusalem:
... and the Fight to Conceal it!
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February 12, 2010 - Audio, 7.25 MIN
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Welcome to another edition of the Bible in the News, brought to you this week by Paul Billington in Jerusalem. There has been some excitement here this week as workmen discovered a Byzantine period street under the present-day Jaffa Gate. Apparently it confirms the accuracy of a 1500 year-old map of the city. The discovery has no connection with the Bible of course, and it is therefore quite acceptable to the world. Other discoveries which do connect with the Bible may be welcomed or not so enthusiastically welcomed, depending upon what it is.
No one can deny the evidence of the Roman destruction of the temple area. The massive stones that were once part of the temple complex can be seen scattered over the entire area, bringing to mind the prediction of both Daniel and Jesus.

In Daniel chapter 8 we read the prophecy stating that the daily sacrifice would be taken away and "the place of his sanctuary was cast down" and that it would be "trodden under foot" (Daniel 8:11-13). So also Jesus, having warned the Jews of his day that "your house is left unto you desolate" (Matthew 23:38) went on to speak of "the buildings of the temple" saying: "There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down" (Matthew 24:2). How true that is, for "the buildings of the temple" are all gone. all that remains is the temple platform and the stones that were literally thrown down - and today you can see those stones lying where they fell. A testimony to the truth of the words spoken by Daniel and Jesus.

But we live in a world that quite happily recognizes the destruction of the Jewish state by the Romans, yet cannot bring itself to recognize the credibility of the Bible - especially when it has relevance to the situation today. To quote the headline of a recent article published by TIME magazine: "Archaeology in Jerusalem: Digging up trouble."

It is inconvenient that the Jews should make strong links with their Biblical past through archaeological discoveries. For many years academics have tried to tell the world that the Bible is full of myths and legends. It was said that King David never existed - so it becomes very controversial when archaeologists say they have found inscriptions that bear the name of David, or that they have found his palace in the City of David! To dig up such evidence says TIME magazine is "Digging in to Push out." It is claimed that all these discoveries have the objective of pushing out the poor Palestinian Arabs, and only frustrate the great political goal of creating a Two-State solution to the current problems.

The truth is of course, that the world does not want to recognize that Bible prophecy is fulfilling, and that what we are seeing today is the long-foretold restoration of Israel. The Palestinian Arabs certainly do not want to accept the idea - and will go to any length in order to try to stop it. But the purpose of God is not going to be dictated by what the world thinks, or by what Palestinian Arabs want.

Jerusalem is not the only controversial site. This week we visited the city of Hebron in Judea. Very little archaeological excavation has been done in this area, and if the Arabs have their way there will not be any done in the future either. The whole area of Tel Hebron (that is the Biblical city) remains to be excavated, but there is little chance of that happening in the present climate.

As we roamed over Tel Hebron a few days ago, looking at ancient ruins, two Arabs approached and were heard to say (in Arabic) "Slaughter the men." "Do you think he meant it?" our guide asked David Wilder of the Hebron Jewish Community.

Well, we didn't stay around for much longer after that,  but noted cameras tracking us as we examined the area. We came away quite convinced that whatever lay hidden beneath the earth, those Palestinian Arabs intended it to stay out of sight.

What we did find in this area is material which we hope to publish in the April issue of the Bible Magazine, together with the hard facts out of the ground, give us a glimpse of the reality which is part and parcel of Biblical truth.

The evidence is that 'Hebron,' a name meaning "fellowship," will play a prominent part in the restoration of the kingdom of David under his great son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The world may wish to conceal the Truth, and may even turn to violent methods in opposing it but the word of God will triumph over all attempts to suppress it. There can be no power on earth which can circumvent the Truth. The Promises of God stand sure - and just as surely as the Romans destroyed the Jewish State nearly 2,000 years ago - just as surely will the Lord Jesus restore again the kingdom to Israel at the appointed time (Acts 1:6; 3:20, 21).

Join us again next week here in Jerusalem, God willing, when we will report on this year's Jerusalem Conference.

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