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Britain on The Way Out of the European Union?
Interview with Don Pearce
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November 13, 2008 - Audio, 16.50 MIN
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Welcome to another edition of the Bible in the News. This is Paul Billington speaking. Today we have visiting us Don Pearce from the UK, who will be familiar to the readers of the Bible Magazine as Don writes the Milestones updates which appear in each issue. So I wanted to get a British angle on world news as far as the Bible is concerned.
So Don how do you see things developing as far as Britain and Europe, Russia and Israel and the Middle East is concerned. I think that will give you plenty of scope!

Thanks Paul. Yes there is so much happening at the moment - one has to be keeping an eye on so many aspect, some of which are developing in isolation, but so many are cause and effect. I think all we will have time for is a brief look at the EU.

As you know from you trips to Britain and from you understanding of Bible prophecy, Britain has to come out of Europe. In God’s plan she has a role that involves her independence of Europe and her linkage with Canada, America, Australia and India - the young lions of Ez 38:13.

Now a few years ago to stand up and say that Britain must come out of Europe made you an object of ridicule.

But not now!

What has changed?

People’s eyes have been opened as to what the EU is all about - Britain is a trading nation and what she wanted is access to the larger European market. What she didn’t realize - because our leaders deceived the population when Britain voted to join, was that it is all about political integration.

That of course was the original aim of the founding fathers of what we call the EU.

That’s right, and in fact last Sunday was 120th birthday of THE founding father - Jean Monnet. You remember what his philosophy was - good Jesuit scheming - Adrian Hilton in his book Principalities and Powers of Europe made a fair and accurate precis of Monnet's guiding aim; Read this paragraph from page 84-

Europe's nations should be guided towards a super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.

That’s right. And Oh how true those words are. The British are at last waking up to find that they have been caught in the EU net.

How can they escape?

There are various matters which are having a vital impact. One is the financial crisis. Britain and Europe have been badly hit. Some small countries are now virtually bankrupt and are having to be bailed out, as well as major banks in stronger countries. Now bear in mind that 15 of the 27 European countries have adopted the euro. Individual countries have no control over their currency. They might each have a Chancellor of the Exchequer, but they are powerless to make major decisions on the way their currency goes.

Now in the good times that didn’t matter terribly, but it does in these times of financial strain. They recognize that the eurozone countries need to have just one Chancellor of the Exchequer. They can only do this by integrating politically and making a United States of Europe.

That was the aim of the constitution which they are desperately trying to sort out.

Yes that right. Although Britain has signed up, little Ireland hasn’t - remind me to tell you about that in moment - yet the British public are still opposed to the idea of political integration. That’s why the British government refused to hold a referendum - they knew it would be rejected  - which is exactly what the Irish did. Increasingly the British are becoming fed-up with the never ceasing flow of regulations from the  EU which is having a profound effect on the British economy - just at a time when we are sliding into a recession.

Take the payment that Britain, like all the EU members has to pay into the bottomless EU coffers. Margaret Thatcher famously won a rebate. Those days are past, not only only is the rebate being phased out, but extra costs are being added, so the bill will get bigger and bigger over the next few years. We pay 4 bn pounds sterling for the dubious privilege of EU membership, increasing next year to 6 bn - in Canadian terms 11bn or in US $’s 9 bn. But here’s the double blow. It has to be paid in euros. And the pound has fallen sharply against the euro, so not only is there a bigger bill to pay, we have to find an extra 20% or so because of the pound’s fall.

So are there signs that enough is enough?

Yes! In fact there is a growing mood in Europe to make special arrangements for Britain, because frankly, she is becoming more and more of a nuisance to Europe. They are being held back from increasing union by the obstinacy - as they see it - of the British.

Didn’t Giscard D’Estaing have something to say about this recently?

That’s right! There have been a succession of EU officials who have been speaking of Britain having to make her mind up whether she was for or against a United States of Europe. A couple of years ago the Luxembourg PM famously said

“The EU may have to move forward without Britain”

Last year Elmar Brok, who is a close ally of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said

“Stop moaning, or leave the EU”.

Very polite gentleman! And then, as you said Giscard d’Estaing was in London in September and said

“I suggest we end the permanent antagonism which weighs down our relationship and reduces our capacity for action, by deciding to pursue the great movement for European integration, in which we would agree to grant the UK a special status.

In other words we are going to integrate, we will have to park Britain off in the sidings so the rest can get on with integration.

The hand of the Vatican is behind much of the drive to integration, the founding fathers were all devoted Roman Catholics, one can see the desire to roll back history, back to the time of the old Holy Roman Empire - just as scriptures foretold. Germany must rise again with the help of the Papacy.

Indeed. One won’t read of these things in the national press. One has to dig behind the scenes. There was a fascinating article in an Italian magazine - the issue was devoted to Religion and Politics. It included a long article - written by a well respected Roman Catholic writer - that showed clearly that the Church is pursuing a political role. Speaking of Benedict, he wrote

From the very beginning Benedict XVI refused to imitate his predecessor - John Paul II- But this did not mark a rupture with him. He proceeded along the same path, but with his own unique stride. And that includes the theater of international politics. ..... Unlike his predecessor, Benedict is believed to be an apolitical (i.e. non political) pope. But it’s not true. Ratzinger simply engages in politics in original ways. After his 3 years in the pontificate, they have been shown to be much more productive than many foresaw, as proven in part by the unexpected “success” of the pope’s recent trip to highly secularized France.”

In other words he is deeply involved in politics.

Too true. This is where the Humanist websites are so revealing. They are protesting at the ways in which the Church is increasing its influence in Europe. They can see that Europe is becoming Catholic again and they are very unhappy.

But it shows us just how accurate the Bible is. I know the Roman Church has been working with Germany to bring under the EU umbrella the countries of Balkan’s region, which was formerly Soviet territory.

Yes it’s frightening in a way. Because it is this area where almost 70 years there were carried out the terrible atrocities by the Yugoslav leaders working with the Roman Catholic Archbishop and his priests to forcibly convert the Orthodox inhabitants, as well as exterminating the Jews and the Gypsies. Edmund Paris in his book The Vatican against Europe has some chilling chapters as Germany expanded her empire into this region.

Church missionaries have been sent into Kosovo - there is only a 3% Roman Catholic population at the moment, in a drive to make Kosovo Catholic again as it was centuries ago before the Moslem invasions as the Ottoman Empire pushed into Europe.

Incidentally Europe is facing a similar invasion today. Many of the Immigrants are Muslim and many Europeans fear their growing influence. The political leaders of Europe seem afraid to stand up against them. But Benedict isn’t. His rallying call is - make Europe Catholic again and this will be the bulwark - as it was in the past - to keep out the Muslim influence. A lot of people can see the sense of that and the mood is changing in Europe. No longer is it thought essential to keep church and State separate.

Yes, the French President Sarkozy has quite a different attitude to his predecessor Chirac. Sarkozy believes that European politics should be leavened with religion.

It is all moving in the right direction. We have Russia rising as an authoritarian power. We have Germany rapidly growing as the leader of Western Europe. We have the Papacy re-flourishing again as Daniel foretold in his 4th chapter. The Babylon tree which was symbolically cut down for 7 times is now re-flourishing because we have come to the end of the 7 times.

So how long is 7 times?

Well working on the principle of a day for a year, 7 times or 7 years - which was the time period we understand the great Babylonian King was cast out of his kingdom as a madman - 7 years of 360 days each gives us 2,520 days. So on the day for a year principle, we have expected the tree of the false religion of Babylon to re-flourish again. So 2520 years after the fall of the city of Babylon brings us - according to John Thomas’ chronology - to 1978, to the start of the pontificate of Jn Paul II under whose reign, the Vatican has really flourished. In that year the Vatican had diplomatic relations with just 92 countries. It now stands at some 176 and rising!

You said something about Ireland and the constitution - I don’t know whether it is relevant to this?

Indeed it is. There is a very interesting blog site called Archbishop Cranmer. He keeps his identity quiet so I won’t say who he is, although we have actually mentioned his name. Only in what I downloaded last night was a piece on the Roman Catholic church and the EU. The church supports the EU constitution. Built into it are provisions to strengthen the Church and enabling it to work in the politics of the EU - but that’s another story. Well there is an Irish monthly newspaper available in the Churches. A Cardinal wrote urging his readers to vote against against the referendum to ratify the Constitution.

Although the Cardinal believed passionately in Europe, yet he observed that

‘the aspirations and visions of the founders of the EU may have been suffocated by layers of bureaucracy in recent years’.

‘the EU actually promotes “a common evil” rather than a common good’.

There have been angry calls from Irish politicians that this magazine should have been banned! This is not Russia, we are supposed to have a free press. It gives us a hint of dark days ahead as both Germany and the Papacy grow in their power. Opposition to the great dream of the 4th Reich is suppressed where-ever possible.

How thankful we are that in the words  of Nebuchadnezzar "The Most High God rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomsoever He will."

We know it is God’s will to give the Kingdoms of this world into the hand of his Son. How we pray for that day for Jesus Christ to be king and the evil kingdoms of men swept away. Only then will the earth reflect praise and glory to God.

Join us again next week for another edition of Bible in the News.

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