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The Bible in the News
Canada's Residential Schools and the Crimes of the Roman Church
What does the Bible say?
Saturday, July 03, 2021  Audio & Print versions

The ugly past of Canada's residential schools have been in the headlines. What is not always recognized is the record of the Catholic Church in particular, with abuse and forced conversions. John Billington addresses these issues and explains their significance in light of Bible truth.
The discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves has provoked an appropriate and angry public response. The issue brings God's name into disrepute. As in the past, an apology from the Roman Catholic Church has not been forthcoming. Listen in this week to consider this difficult subject and how it relates to the falling away from God's truth from the time of the apostles to the present day, revealed by our only authority the holy Scriptures.

Printed:  Saturday, July 03, 2021


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