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Seeing Promises Being Fulfilled: 
The Danger of Misinterpreted Prophecy: Jesus’ future actions attributed to Antichrist.
Monday, March 04, 2019  Audio & Print versions

Jewish News Organization targeted by classic antisemitic claims of Jewish global domination but with a twist in this age-old hate-speech: pro-Israel Christians are included as part of the conspiracy.

The claim is really that Christians shouldn’t be pro-Israel and must have been bought. The future temple in Jerusalem will be the temple of Satan’s Antichrist. They claim that a king in Jerusalem ruling over the world from Israel is a work of Satan. Many basic truths about the literal land and kingdom are spiritualized into nothingness.

Below is a narrated slide show:

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Here is a link to download Ron Abel's Man of Sin book:

"Man of Sin" by Ron Abel

Printed:  Monday, March 04, 2019


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