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The Bible in the News
Now Out - 'Part of the Family - The Movie'
A discussion with Jason Hensley about the new documentary on the Kindertransport
Friday, December 07, 2018  Audio & Print versions

Join us this week in listening to the podcast as John Billington sits down with Jason Hensley, author and now the Associate Producer of 'Part of the Family Documentary' on another edition of the Bible in the News. 

Hensley has written two books on the Kinder Transport, and now the documentary is out!  We discuss the Kindertransport and the involvement of the Christadelphians in it, and specifically what drove them to take part in this incredible rescue mission.  We also discuss Hensley's journey he has taken putting these projects together.  Listen by clicking the link above.

Watch the documentary by clicking the YouTube link below.


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The children arrive.

Printed:  Friday, December 07, 2018


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